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What is Kindel Cartel & Why Get It?

Kindle Cartel is about buying one share from one hundred (additional shares can be bought later) and then getting royalties of published Kindle books. The profit sharing depends on the average profits per book. That’s really the basic idea.

It is something that will probably start slow, but will grow more and more over the months. So for a one off payment the return potential looks good. The trade off is nobody in the group actually owns the books. This is basically a form of crowdfunding- which we think is pretty clever.

As you know, publishing a book on Kindle involves a number of different steps:

Researching a niche that will sell
Either writing the book yourself or finding an author to ghostwrite it
Editing or proofreading that book
Creating an enticing cover
Copywriting a persuasive description
Uploading the book to Kindle
Marketing the ebook successfully
Managing promotions and other aspects of the book

It’s actually not rocket science, but we do realize that it can be a bit daunting to do this all yourself.

All of these steps also have their own associated challenges. For example…

…do you have someone you can trust to write the book and be sure that it’s not going to be plagiarized or perhaps even worse, do a really bad job meaning that you have paid for it but received nothing valuable in return?

…do you know what kind of a book cover will maximize your sales? And perhaps most important of all can do a professional job with it?

…are you able to write a compelling description which will cause prospective customers to become actual customers?

If you answered yes to any of all of the above then you should probably just go write your own book and publish it on your own.

But if you answered no or not sure to any of the above then you should check out this interesting offer from Ben.

He’s only accepting a limited number of spots and then he will be closing up the royalty groups and we have no idea if or when he’ll ever open this up again. He also have a support team and private FB groups in place to help you out.

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REMEMBER: To get our bonus you MUST see affiliate ID memberspeed at the bottom of your checkout page (see below)

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