Contest Winners

Over $9,000 Worth of Prizes Already Given Away – Congratulations to the Latest Winners!

January 2015 Drawing Winners


1)  Deb Ballard  (location USA)

2)  Michael Dorsey  (location USA)

3)  William Moroney  (location USA)

4)  Gary Stenzel  (location USA)

5)  Allan Walker  (location USA)



1)  Loribeth Pierson  (location USA)

2)  Robert Ramos  (location USA)

3)  David Caudill  (location USA)

4)  Carl Kmetz  (location USA)

5)  Doug Byrd  (location USA)


Prize: 5 $100 AMAZON GIFT CARDS!

1)  Larry Palmer

2)  Bob Gatchel

3)  Leon Tunney-Ware

4)  Lois Reid

5)  Helen Telfer


January 2014 Drawing Winners

Prize: Canon Vixia Mini/Compact

Dan Triplett 1501)  Dan Triplett  (location USA)

“Thank you Jeremy and Simon for the Canon Vixia Mini/Compact.   It was a pleasant surprise as I don’t normally win prizes.   I just love the quality and content of your products as I have purchased a great many of them and you have me as a customer for life.  Thanks again for the great gift and cheers from Oklahoma.”




Eli Vincente 1502)  Eli Vincente (location USA)

Thanks Jeremy and Simon!  As you know I’ve been purchasing your product for many years.  Plain and Simple, “I love your incredible products!”  Winning a Canon Vixia Mini/Compact is awesome feeling starting the year out!  I look forward to working with the both of you on my own launches this year.  Also, looking forward to all the new product you have in the works!



3)  Patrick Oh
4)  Michael Dove
5)  Charles Bush


Nov-Dec 2013 Drawing Winners

Prize: GoPro Hero3 Black Edition Camera

1)  Paul Chilvers-Grierson (location UK)

“Thanks for the delightful surprise! I’ve followed Simon and Jeremy for years, and known Simon personally since I first met him in February 2007. As people on my list know, I can’t speak highly enough of him, and although I’ve never met Jeremy, the quality of his marketing and his teaching is nothing less than impressive. Together they are brilliant!”

2)  John Leary III (location USA)

Prize: $25 Amazon Gift Card

1)  Deb Hart – “Thanks for the Gift Card!”
2)  Ling Larsen
3)  Alain Prudhomme
4)  Steven Bell
5)  Carol Tham
6)  Valerie Jennings
7)  Louis Conjar
8)  John Ledbetter
9)  Mark Farrar
10) Bill Dockett

October 2013 Drawing Winners

Prize: $100 Amazon Gift Card

1) Sanoe Fukui
2) Barry Fenner
3) Oliver Scheffler
4) Dan Barton
5) James Molfetas 

September 2013 Drawing Winners

Ling1st Ling Larsen
Location: Denmark
Prize: 16GB 7″ Kindle Fire HD
Book Cover Make-Over from Simon
Crafted Book Review by our In-House team
Eye catching banner ad for their book – 3 months placement on our exit offer pages

“Thank you very much!!! Whenever you release a new product I buy it blindly, because I KNOW that it’s top notch. You guys are my absolute favorite gurus (teachers) within the marketing business, and I learn a lot from you.”

#2 Dave Hansen
Location: USA
Prize: 16GB 7″ Kindle Fire HD
Book Cover Make-Over from Simon
Crafted Book Review by our In-House team
Eye catching banner ad for their book – 3 months placement on our exit offer pages

#3 Poppie Kouremetis
Location: USA
Prize: 16GB 7″ Kindle Fire HD
Book Cover Make-Over from Simon
Crafted Book Review by our In-House team
Eye catching banner ad for their book – 3 months placement on our exit offer pages

“What a pleasant surprise! I’ve never won a drawing, or anything for that matter, in my life so I was stunned when I read the notification. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you not only for the terrific prizes, but, more importantly, for all the great products you’ve created over the years and all that I’ve learned from you. Thank you Jeremy & Simon for all you do, for doing it well, and for doing it with integrity. You’re the best!”

GoPro Drawing Winner

Ruzaimy 150Ruzaimy Ismail
Location: Malaysia
Prize: GoPro HERO3: Black Edition

“Thank you Simon and Jeremy on this great gift. I have used many of your products, and what can I say, I am very satisfied. Great product and good support cause I’m going to be your loyal customer for a long time. To all of you, you will not be disappointed if you deal with Simon and Jeremy. Once again, thank you for the GoPro Hero3 🙂 “

August 2013 Drawing Winners

Gary WatsonGary Watson
Location: UK
Prize: $175 Amazon Gift Card

“”Wow – just won my first on-line internet marketing prizes in a monthly draw on the Empoweria Coaching webinar. Chuff to bits as a book-a-holic anyway so 10 Internet Business associated books on the way to me soon. Thank you guys – made my day that has!! Simon and Jeremy have now been given me a choice of books or $175 gift card voucher. I have decided to opt for the voucher to eventually purchase the Kindle Fire HD and then purchase the books digitally. All said I would never have been able to win without the competition so thank you Simon and Jeremy. Thanks again!”

July 2013 Drawing Winners

Tim Hack 150#1 Tim Hackler
Location: USA
Prize: Kindle Fire

“Thank you very much for the Kindle Fire.  It was a fun surprise to hear that I had won!  Thank you very much. Your products are great and easy to recommend. I have purchased and use a number of them. I have enough experience with you to know that I can trust both the content and the quality of your products.  Not something I can say about all the marketers from whom I have made purchases.  Keep it up!  You’ve got a loyal supporter here.”

#2 Patricia Cupra
Prize: Kindle Fire

#3 Georgette Pann
Prize: $150 Amazon Voucher

June 2013 Drawing Winners

RonaldSavoie#1: Ronald Savoie
Location: Canada
Prize: iPad Mini

“Thank you Guys! You are as Awesome as your Products!”




MikeBarlow150#2: Mike Barlow
Location: United Kingdom
Prize: iPad Mini

“Thanks Simon & Jeremy what a fantastic surprise, you guys rock!”




Mike McCormick 150#3: Mike McCormick
Location: United States
Prize: Kindle Fire & $100 Voucher

“What a surprise, you guys are the best”

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*Winners were chosen at random on June 5th from all valid qualified entries