6 Ways Bonuses Boost Response

Looking for more sales, bigger commission checks and some of that affiliate leader-board prize money?

Okay… then here’s 6 Secrets To Using Bonuses To Boost Response

“You can’t just throw a pile of bonuses on top of a product and expect your prospects to drool all over your offer like Pavlov’s dogs.”

If you want to enjoy more success, then you need to apply the following strategies and start using bonuses…

Secret 1:
Do Create an Offer With a High Perceived Value

Your bonus needs to not only be valuable, it also needs to have a high perceived value.

In other words, your prospects need to instantly recognize the value of the bonus.

As you’ve discovered, one way to do that is by offering the bonus in a highly valued format (such as audio, video or even via a live event). Another way to do it is by making sure you create bonus titles that reflect the high value.

Example: “House training a Puppy” is ok, but not spectacular. A title that helps boost the value is something like this: “The Secrets of Housetraining a Puppy Perfectly In Just Three Days!”

Doesn’t that sound like it’s worth more?

What’s more compelling:

“How To Use Bonuses”

or “6 Secrets To Using Bonuses To Boost Response”?

Point made 🙂

 Secret 2:
Do Make Sure Your Bonus Compliments the Main Offer

Let me give you a few examples of bonuses that compliment or enhance the main offer:

You offer a bonus “How to Make Money on Facebook” report alongside a “How to Make Money Online” course.

You offer a “How to Housetrain a Puppy” video alongside a “How to Raise a Puppy” product.

Here’s a real life example:
The main offer is how to Profit from PLR – the bonus is a valuable PLR package that customers can make money with once they start applying what they’ve learned… Adding this hugely complimentary bonus almost doubled conversions!

Secret 3:
Do Create a Sense of Urgency

Offering a desirable bonus with a high-perceived value will make your offer or affiliate promotion more attractive. But put a limit on this offer and you’ll get your prospects scrambling to the order button so that they don’t miss out – In our own tests adding a Countdown Monkey timer to our bonus pages and limiting our promotions, increased our overall commissions by 20-25% .

(it also means we get to include lots of cool offers each week making sure there’s a good chance you’ll find something useful at least once a month and pick up a cool bonus on top.)

Here are three ways to do this:

  • Limited-time bonus. Here you offer a “fast action” or “early bird” bonus, where those who offer within a specific time frame (such as the next three days) will get the bonus… and everyone else will miss out.
  • Limited-quantity bonus. Instead of having prospects race against the clock, you have prospects racing against each other to get the bonus.

Example: “This offer is available for the next 100 customers only…”

  • Combination. Yet another way to do it is to offer both a time-limited and quantity limited bonus.

Example: “This offer available until [date] or until 100 copies are gone – whichever comes first…”

Secret 4:
Don’t Make it Hard On Yourself (or Your Customers)

Your customers shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get your bonus. And likewise, you shouldn’t be tied down to your computer 24/7 making sure that your customers get their bonuses.

That’s why you should create an “autopilot” system that makes bonus delivery as efficient and “hands off” for your as possible.

Here’s the easiest way to do that:

Offer the bonus on the download page – .Easy if it’s your product… or if a vendor will deliver your bonus for you with a link on their thank you page (you could pick up even more buyer leads from all the buyers not just your own referred sales).

Use an affiliate platform like JVZoo or Zaxaa – And have them automatically deliver your bonus(es) to your referred customers right inside their purchase dashboard.  We generally create a special bonus PDF to make accessing multiple bonuses easier and faster for buyers.

The only time we require a customer to send in a receipt to claim a bonus is if there is a reason to do so such as a special event like a webinar, a competition or if we are setting up a private group or membership.

Secret 5:
Do Consider Offering a Physical Bonus

Yes…  We just said that it’s easiest to use downloadable bonuses since it’s a “hands off” process for you.

Nonetheless, a physical bonus DOES increase the perceived value of the entire offer.

And what’s more, if you’re a vendor having a physical bonus can decrease the refund rate, since many buyers won’t take the time to ship back a product just to get their money back.

If you’re selling physical products, then it’s easy to include a physical bonus. Otherwise, to make it easy on yourself you’ll need to set up a system with a fulfillment company.

Check for some ideas.

Secret 6:
Don’t Limit Yourself to Advertised Bonuses

Sure, advertising a bonus on the sales page or your affiliate promotion page helps boost your conversion rate. But offering an unadvertised bonus after the sale surprises your (referred) customers… in a good way. Suddenly you didn’t just deliver a product and meet their expectations.

Instead, you over-delivered on your offer and exceeded their expectations.

That’s the sort of thing that creates wildly satisfied customers who’ll buy your own products and always check out your recommendations. Some of them will tell their friends about you too and your audience will grow even faster.

Give them extra “unadvertised” bonuses (we do this all the time) and they’ll be happy and even more assured they made a good decision with their purchase.

And SECRET #7?  Keep reading… 


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  • I’m glad it helped, Simranjit. What changes have you made and how are your results so far?

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