Aweber vs. GetResponse

Which Of These Two Popular Autoresponder Services Is Best For Your Online Business?

So you are looking for a reliable, reputable autoresponder to build and grow your list without spending months to learn how to use it? We hear you!  We looked around and found that most existing info out there is out of date. Talking directly with Aweber and Getresponse directly didn’t help much as they wouldn’t tell you clearly what are the differences between the two. And if you do a google search, there are thousands of articles online that are outdated and often biased.

We’ve Done The Research To Save You Time – Check Out Our Findings Below…

One of the most important assets you can have when it comes to building your blog and online business is your email list. It’s how you develop relationships with your subscribers, keep them coming back for more, and turn them into customers.

Autoresponder will do all the work for you when it comes to Email marketing.  Your list will grow with you over the time so it is so important to choose the right provider. This is not something that can be left up to chance. You should pick one carefully. There are many services, but the following two autoresponders are the most reputable ones that we’ve found and using them both ourselves daily, for years: Aweber and GetResponse

Both services are very similar. We  list the common features below, but the main differences ( at the time of this writing ) are:

  • Getresponse has action based autoresponder
  • Getresponse has surveys option
  • Getresponse costs less than aweber
  • Getresponse offers  landing pages ( $15 month extra to use this option)

Both are easy to use. I would say Aweber is easier because we have been using it for so long, way before GetResponse became popular.

Note: in the past, if you import your existing list to Aweber, they would require each of your subscriber to confirm and verify their email before being added to Aweber.  This is no longer needed ( finally!)

Essential features:



As you can see with Get Response beside the  Time Based  feature you also get Action Based Autoresponders which let you segment your list based on the actions of your subscribers such as those that are listed below. Plus there is Surveys option which if you need to gauge the mood of your audience, find out more about them will certainly come in handy.

So In short what is the difference between Time-based and Action-based Autoresponders?

Time-based Autoresponders are sent automatically to every new subscriber who joins your list. The emails are sent in series, and you can specify the timing of each message.

Action-based Autoresponders are “trigger messages” sent to your subscribers when they perform an action you specify, such as: link clicked, message opened, message sent, goal reached, custom field change/modified, birthday or subscription.






For instance if you’re just getting started and are working up to a list of around 2,500 subscribers Get Response will cost $300 a year ($25 a month) vs. Aweber who charge $348 ($29 a month) which is almost 15% more…  And as you can see from the table up to 1000 subscribers works out even cheaper with Getresponse allowing you up to 1000 subscribers for $15 vs. $29 at Aweber as soon as you’ve passed 500 subscribers

Creating Follow Up Messages With Aweber


Creating An Action Based Message With GetResponse

Your next step: try each platform for yourself

Both platforms have  30 day free trials. Which are well worth taking advantage of.

With GetResponse no credit card details required , whereas Aweber requires credit card details and may rebill.  Good luck with your list building!

Click Here To Try GetResponseClick Here To Try Aweber


  • Richard Saunders

    Great comparison between the two most popular email auto-responders. I’m pushing more for Getresponse as they are just that little bit more cost-effective. But it’s no doubt that Aweber is the most popular choice out of the two. Cheers guy’s … #HaveAGreatDay !!!

  • Awesome, I’m glad you find this useful. Which one did you pick in the end? And how do you like it so far?

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