Reliable Web Hosting

Are you happy with your current hosting provider?

Are you looking for a reliable VPS (Virtual Private Server) web hosting  that you can grow your business with?

If that’s you then you are at the right place. This  article will save you time, money and the agony that you might have experienced with a less than reputable web host.

Is this your money site?

I will be straight forward and say that if this is your money site / a project that you want to seriously invest your time in and grow over the time then it is a must to go with a reputable web host, don’t just shop for price. A Managed Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting package should give you plenty of power to grow until you need a server of your own (dedicated server ). The good thing is the one you’re about to discover below is not only one of the very best, but they won’t cost you a fortune either. Here they are: KnownHost.

Unsurpassed Top Notch Support

If you search google KnownHost is rated highly with top notch support and an excellent reputation. I used to grind my teeth when dealing with my ex-hosts but since moving to KnowHost my stress level went down to zero.  For 8 years, every time I needed some help, I just sent an email and bam within 5 minutes I got an answer.

For example, one time a couple times my blogs were exploited with vulnerable plugins the hackers used my server to send spam emails (uhhh) thankfully KnownHost helped me clean up the whole thing, restored the blogs and went the extra mile to help white liste my IP which had gotten blacklisted due to the spamming hacks.

On other occasions, I needed some help with complicated scripts and they came to the rescue again helping me iron them out so they could run smoothly.  They didn’t even charge me for the extra work involved! (wow!)  I can’t count how many tickets I sent  (yeah I’m a ” trouble maker” always installing, testing new software, plugins…:-)

Whenever and whatever I need help, they are an email away. They are tireless, persistently, providing amazing support every single time during the past 8 years I’ve been with with them. You can Google for more glowing testimonials, apparently I’m not the only one that got lucky.  It is so incredible how they are able to provide such outstanding service! (rare in this day and age with hosting companies)

Reputation & Peace Of Mind

Because of my line of work, I have met many people that came from different hosting companies, while helping them I had to deal with their web hosting providers and there were cases that some hosts would send a court notice threatening to shut down their customers’ accounts due to this and that reasons instead of helping them…

Honestly, I have not seen anybody that could beat KnownHost in term of support. Not just a typical “support” support but they carry a deep understanding,  to me it feels like a kindness that goes behind the usual standard ticket response… So KnownHost is top in my book. Check them out, I think once you know them, you won’t go back. The peace of mind, knowing they are there for you no matter what it worth many times more what you paid for their VPS package.

Powerful & Affordable

Here are the standard VPS  packages at the time of this writing:


Here are  the SSD-VPS packages:


I used the standard one the moved to the SSD one and it is much much faster.  So go with this plan if you have a busy site. ( If you are looking for a shared hosting, look out for my next article that covers that and special hosting for CPA affiliates…and more )


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