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Did you know that you can create super effective landing pages with no coding or design experience?

Quality, effective landing pages are a crucial element of any successful online business. No matter what type of web property you have, your landing page needs to be properly optimized for maximum conversions.

There is an endless variety of landing pages types and styles, because they are so highly customizable. You can create a landing page that is specifically tailored to your niche, your target demographic, your product, your conversion goals… virtually anything!

In fact, you can even create unique landing pages that will be shown to individuals based on their gender, their country, or one of many other elements!

Your landing page is typically the first thing people see when they visit your website. In fact, depending on your business model, it may be the only page they see. It must be attractive, uncluttered, and most importantly, functional for your purposes.

In this report, you’re going to learn about different types of landing pages, how to use them, and the easiest way to create stunning landing pages without a lot of technical or design experience.

Let’s get started


Types of Landing Pages

Many people don’t really understand what a landing page really is. They believe it’s just the first page visitors land on when they visit a website. In some cases, that’s all the landing page really is. However those types of landing pages aren’t really effective in most cases.

An effective landing page is one that is geared toward a very specific purpose, and it’s generally the first page people visit after they see an ad you create, read an email you send out, or see some other form of marketing or advertising.

If you want to increase your business significantly, it’s a good idea to start creating landing pages that are specifically geared toward your primary purpose, whatever that might be. Whether it’s to sell an affiliate product, sell your own product, gather leads, gain subscribers, or something else, you should create a landing page that is specifically designed to help you achieve that goal.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most common types of landing pages:

  1. Squeeze Page – A squeeze page is a type of lead generation page that is designed to collect email subscribers. It’s one of the most common types of landing pages. Typically, a squeeze page asks for a name and email address, and generally offers something free to whoever submits their information to encourage participation.
  2. Click Through Page – This type of landing page is very simple and has one primary goal: to get people to click through to another website where they can buy something. This type of page may present a discount offer, bonus offer or some other incentive in order to encourage purchases, or it may just list some quick benefits or a offer a short review.
  3. Lead Capture Page – A lead capture page is a type of squeeze page, however it collects more information than a typical squeeze page, which usually only asks for a name and email address. A lead capture page may ask for this information for a specific purposes (such as requesting more information about a home loan) or general (just gathering information for later use.)
  4. Viral Page – Viral landing pages are created with the purpose of generating buzz for a product or event. These pages have two major elements: killer content that gets people excited, and a method (or multiple methods) of sharing that content. Typically there will be buttons to allow easy sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and perhaps other networks such as Google+ and Pinterest. These pages may also contain elements of other pages such as squeeze pages or lead generation pages.
  5. Product Detail Page – These types of pages are standard in certain markets like the real estate market. They present information about a specific property (or a product, service, etc.) The primary purpose of this type of page is to get the sale or at least to collect leads that might eventually lead to a sale. This type of page is usually created for a single product (where there is only one single item available, such as a house or a car), but may occasionally be used for other purposes.
  6. Video Landing Page – Video landing pages are typically hybrid pages that feature elements of one of the other pages. For example, you could have a video squeeze page, or a video lead generation page, or even a video product detail page.
  7. Review Page – Review pages present a review of a specific product or service. They are similar to a click through page in that their primary goal is to encourage purchase of a product, however the information is presented in the form of a review. Most other elements of the page will mimic a click through page.


There are other types of landing pages, too, but these are the most common. In fact, any page can technically be a landing page, however you don’t generally want your landing page to be cluttered with a bunch of navigation links and advertising like the rest of the pages on your site might be. Instead, it should be clean and highly-focused on a single, specific purpose. Specificity is crucial with regard to landing pages.


Elements of Successful Landing Pages

Why build a better mousetrap when the one that exists already works so well? Why not just reproduce the success of the original by producing more of them?

Well, that is precisely what you should do when you create a landing page. Don’t copy other people’s pages. That’s copyright infringement. Instead, we can borrow elements from those pages that we know are already successful.

There are a few elements you should focus on no matter what type of landing page you create.


  1. Headline – As with any type of page, you need a headline to grab attention and get people interested right away. The headline is the most important element of the page, because it’s usually the first thing people see.
  2. Media – You’ll generally want some kind of imagery, whether it is video or image-based. This is usually a picture of the product or a video ad, but it could be any type of supporting media. This is usually the second thing people notice on a landing page, but of these four elements, it’s the least critical. You could still have an effective landing page with no graphics or video, but typically graphical elements and videos capture interest and lead to better conversions.
  3. Benefits – Every landing page needs a list of benefits. Whether this is benefits of the product or benefits of your newsletter that you want them to subscribe to, you must give people enough reasons to take action.
  4. Call-to-Action – A call-to-action is another vital element for any landing page. You must tell people what action you’d like them to take. This could be something like, “Click here to get your copy of this unique marketing system now!” Or it could be something like, “Enter your name and email address to receive your free copy of this life-changing report today!” A strong call-to-action can mean the difference between getting the visitor to take action and having them leave, so pay close attention to this component.


A landing page can have other elements, as well. Just remember that the four elements listed about are crucial to the success of any landing page, so time must be spent making sure these elements are finely tuned for conversions.

Creating Stunning Landing Pages


Most people who work online actually have little to no technically proficiency and very little artistic experience. This makes it difficult for the average person to create their own landing page, and hiring a designer to create a custom page can become very expensive, especially if you need that designer to add special functions to your landing page.

Fortunately, there are many ways to create truly remarkable landing pages without a lot of technical experience. You don’t have to spend a small fortune to have a custom landing page created unless you have very unique needs. Instead, you can do it yourself and save money. One of such tools is Landing Page Monkey


The Future of Landing Pages is Here

This simple feature creates cutting-edge, highly polished landing pages that simply weren’t even possible just a few short years ago. Today some of the world’s biggest companies are embracing them, including PayPal, Spotify, Hollywood movie producers and many more.

Simply put, the future of landing pages is all about the background video. Are you ready for it?

Here’s why multi-million and multi-billion dollar companies are embracing this trend (and why you should too)…

Background Videos Create High Conversions

There’s so much noise on the internet that it’s hard to get attention. Everyone’s pages look the same. Worse yet, many of these pages look like prehistoric relics from the 1990s.

That’s why landing pages with full-screen background videos look great and work so well. They look polished. Cutting-edge. Modern. This gets your visitors’ attention, which in turn creates more opt-ins, more sales, and better conversions.

You can bet these are the same reasons companies like PayPal use background videos, even on the front page of their site. These landing pages get attention, they impress the hell out of visitors, and they deliver great results to grow your business.

See for yourself what I’m talking about by checking out this Landing Page Monkey demo with a background video:

That’s sharp and modern — way better than crappy headers, static images, or outdated GIFs. Those things don’t work anymore.

Here’s another reason why background videos rock…

You Can Use Someone Else’s Content to Make Your Site Look Awesome

Some business owners really love the idea of creating landing pages with background videos, but they hesitate because they don’t know where to get the videos. The good news is that you don’t need to create these videos yourself. Instead, you can use someone else’s content to make your site look awesome.

How?  One way to do it is to seek out videos with Creative Common licensing which allow commercial usage. Simply go to this link to begin your search, which allows you to narrow your search to YouTube videos:

You can also check out Vimeo’s Creative Common licensing page at:

Need even more video content? Then another option is to pay a small fee to license content. One good place to do this is at

If you need even more content, just search the web for royalty free videos. You’re sure to find more video content that you could possibly use – and much of it is free or very low cost!

Once you get your video, your next task is to load it up to your landing page. Which brings us to the next point…

Inserting Background Videos is Easy When You Know This Secret

The multi-million dollar companies are using video backgrounds on their landing pages because they know this is the future of landing pages. But the big dogs also have the big dollars to hire latte-drinking, fancy-pants web designers who know how to embed background videos.

But today a little web-based app called Landing Page Monkey levels the playing field between you and these multi-million dollar honchos. In just a few clicks of your mouse, you too can create a high-converting, modern landing page… complete with a background video.

You don’t need any tech experience. You don’t need to download or install anything. You don’t even need to touch a single line of code. All you need to do is log into your secure dashboard and click your way to an impressive, polished landing page.

The cool thing is that Landing Page Monkey gives you full control over how your background videos display. Take a look at these great features:

Adding a video is fast and easy — you can pull videos from Vimeo, YouTube, or any hosted .mp4 file.

You decide how the video displays, because you can set a video to play from any point just by entering the timestamp.

Don’t want sound? No problem. With a click of your mouse you can mute your background videos.

Landing Page Monkey even lets you choose a background image that flips over automatically while the video is loading or if your visitor is on a mobile device. You’ll never have to worry about showing a blank page!

Plus Landing Page Monkey makes it easy to change the colors, font styles, opt-in box animation and other components of your page quickly and easily. Even if you don’t know a thing about web design, now you too can create a classy landing page that looks like it was designed by a high-priced web designer!

Check out the demos now at – you’ll be impressed!

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    It’s a very good article with top quality advices guiding through the different kind of ( and purposes of) and the creation of high quality landing pages. And yes, Landing Page Monkey is the best landing page ( yes, I’m going to try to create my landing page monkey!). Best regards!

  • Thanks for your kind words, Gabriella.
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  • Thanks for your kind words, Gabriella.
    Glad you find this article useful.
    Hope you have fantastic results with your landing pages.
    If there is other topics that you would be interested in, please let us know.
    We will try our best to bring more good content to you

    Have a great day!

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