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New Covert Geo Targeter Plugin “Stolen” From The Dark Side Of The Internet

About a month ago the “IM Wealth Builders” released their Covert Messenger plugin.

It was an instant hit with over 3,000 people grabbing a copy and the Warrior Forum has been overflowing with raving reviews.

What you may not know is that the Covert Messenger was born out of researching the adult dating industry.

And while doing that, these guys stumbled on a potentially even more powerful¬†strategy used on the “dark side of the internet”.

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They noticed that all the dating sites were using “geo targeting” to insert their vistiors actual city, state etc. into their ads.

And these guys don’t do anything by accident – they do it because it makes money!

But nobody is doing this in internet marketing – and that turns out to be a huge mistake.

Because geo targeting has been proven to increase the reponse to and revenue from any blog – in ANY niche.

Of course the problem was that there was no easy and affordable way for the average internet marketer to use this powerful strategy… until now!

Once again the IM Wealth Builders were able to “steal” and idea from the dark side – make it even better and bring it to you a simple to use but extremely powerful WordPress plugin.

And he Covert Geo Targeter plugin is available as a WSO right now and it’s still super cheap.

However it is a dime sale, so the price does go up with every order!

We¬†highly recommend that you check it out now – it’s really good – and you’d want to get in before the price goes up!

==> http://somethingtocheckout.com/CovertGEO

To your success,

P.S. If you are one of the smart marketers who grabbed a copy of the “Covert Messenger” last month – you are absolutely going to love this new plugin.

It will allow you to geo target your messenger ads, making them even more powerful!

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