Why We Do This

Sometimes business owners see how much time we spend reviewing and testing products, and they ask why we do it.

Is there money in it? You bet.

But our reasons go a lot deeper than that.

This isn’t just a site driven purely for profits… instead, it’s driven by passion.

We wouldn’t be this dedicated if we didn’t absolutely love what we do.

Think about it for a moment…  A person doesn’t become very successful unless they love what they’re doing. From teachers to plumbers to attorneys to CEOs, the very best people in any job, trade or industry are those who love what they’re doing.  Sure, there are people who drag themselves to jobs they hate every day. They get a decent paycheck doing it. But eventually they’ll burn out and quit if they don’t love what they’re doing.

And they’re never going to be the best at what they do, because you can’t give 100% if you hate what you’re doing.

So the point is, we do it because we love it.

And here are the other reasons why…

Because It Grows Our Business

We’re always looking for ways to automate and grow our business. In fact, many of the tools we’ve developed (such as Commission Gorilla, Landing Page Monkey, Catcha Monkey and our other apps) were created specifically to help us run our own business. Many of our friends and colleagues started asking to use our tools, which is why we made them available to the public.

The same goes for products and tools we review. First and foremost, we’re looking for any edge we can get to grow our business. And as long as we’re spending all the time and money to test out these products anyway, we decided we might as well share our findings with you.

Do we use every single product in our own business?

Not necessarily.

Just like every product we review isn’t necessarily right for YOUR business, not every product is a good fit for ours. Just because we may not personally use the product doesn’t mean it’s not a good product. As such, we’ll recommend any high-quality product as long as it passes our tests, even if we don’t personally have a use for the product.

For example, we don’t do as much SEO as some people. That means we’re a little less likely to use SEO plugins, apps, courses and so on in our business. We might use a few, but that’s just not where our focus is.

But here’s the thing…

Just because we don’t do as much SEO as others doesn’t mean SEO isn’t a great fit for your business model. That’s why we still test, review and recommend the best SEO tools. If it can grow YOUR business, then it’s something you’ll find on this site.

Because It Generates Revenue

Yes, reviewing products on this site puts a profit in our pocket. But we think it’s a fair trade since we’re sharing our intel with you. There are very few marketers on the web who have the traffic and websites to rigorously test products the way we do.

Plus, we also offer deals you won’t find anywhere else. We’re talking discounts, bonus offers, low-cost trials, sneak peeks and whatever else we can get by twisting the vendor’s arm.

But there’s one thing we absolutely will not do on this site. We’ll never recommend a product just to put a fast buck in our pocket. We’ll never recommend a product without testing and reviewing it first. And we’ll never recommend something that we wouldn’t feel comfortable using in our own business.

We know you’ve seen others who recommend everything under the sun just to rack up those commissions. It’s a churn and burn philosophy. We think that’s a bad idea.

Our philosophy is different. We look at the big picture. We want to develop a good relationship with you for the long-term, which is why we’d never jeopardize your trust in us by recommending sub-par products.

Developing good relationships with customers is important to us. It’s also important that we develop good relationships with other marketers too. Which bring us to yet another reason why we do this…

Because We Get To Network

Running a site like this makes it easier for us to develop relationships with marketers all over the web. Many times we don’t have to seek them out, as they come to us with their latest tools, courses and other products.

Are these marketers attracted to our big audience? Of course. But we’re equally interested in the products and tools they have on offer.

  • If these products can help us grow our business, we’re interested.
  • If these products can help our audience grow their businesses, we’re interested.

We love hearing about new marketing strategies, advertising venues, automation tools, apps and more. Being highly visible in the niche makes it easy for top product creators to find us.

If YOU’RE a product creator with a high-quality course, app or other tool, then we want to hear from you too. We can’t guarantee we’ll promote your product as our criteria is pretty strict, but we’re willing to take a look.

Just click here if you have a product that you think we’ll love.

Bottom Line…

Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life. That’s the way we feel about this site. We truly love testing and reviewing products. And we love giving back to the internet marketing community, which is a tip of the hat to those who helped us when we first started out.

So have a look around, read as much as you can, and watch the videos on this site – we think you’ll like what you see, and we know it will help you grow your business.