Best Bonus Brokers

Best Bonus Brokers

A broker bonus is something online brokers offer potential new users to compel them into trading in their platform. These bonuses are getting more and more generous given the huge number of online broker sites available. Fierce competition requires fierce methods, and those methods more often than not mean giving you – the potential user – money, shortage of which a lot of us suffer from, which is why we’re here today.

These bonuses appeal more to the people who usually trade or are interested in doing so, therefore if you’re not included in that particular demography this list might not be for you. To those of you who are, indeed, interested, there are two different kinds of bonuses: no deposit bonus, which means you’ll be rewarded just by opening a new account; and deposit bonus, with which you’ll get a percentage of the amount you deposit, with respect to a minimum and a maximum. The only real disadvantages in these bonuses are time limits and that, in order to withdraw them, you will need to trade a certain amount (depending on the site), but if you’re used or starting in the business, this should be a great motivator. Speaking of motivation, we gathered the best bonuses on the internet and made a list, so stick around!

The Moneta Markets Deposit Bonus

Upon depositing $500 or more in your Moneta Markets trading account you’ll be rewarded with a 50% bonus regardless if you’re an existing account holder or a new client altogether – just make a deposit, and spend money to make money!


AvaTrade is currently offering a 20% forex bonus up to $10,000, so, in order to get the maximum bonus you’ll need to deposit $50,000 – with a minimum of $100 – which is a fairly reasonable investment since in the end, you’ll be ten grand richer if you have a verified account. In terms of withdrawing the bonus out, you’ll get $1 for every 0.1 lot that you trade. Pretty good, right?

Just for opening an account, will provide you with a £25 deposit bonus, but only if you’re a new client. You’ll also have unlimited time to use the bonus funds, so don’t rush into bad investments.


Not unlike, Plus500 will award you with a 25£ bonus just by opening a new account without a deposit required, but with account verification needed. The platform itself is one of the most trusted forex and CFD brokers online, worldwide. Not only does it have a variety of different regulatory licenses, but its parent company is one of the few listed in the London Stock Exchange.

Interactive Brokers

The Interactive Brokers referral program lets you invite family or friends and for each new customer you get on the platform, you’ll be awarded 200$ once they trade a certain amount. Start scrolling through your contacts!


XM has a few options in terms of bonuses. Firstly and with no need for a deposit, you can claim $30. If you’re flying higher, XM can grant a 50% bonus up to 1000$, and after that, you can get a 20% bonus for everything above $1000 up to $4500.

CMC Markets

CMC currently offers a twofold $200 bonus – once you deposit your own first $200 (to withdraw the bonus you’ll have to hit $1 million worth of forex) and when you trade $2 million worth of forex, another $200 will land on your account. It’s a lot of money, sure but in the end, it’s free money!


HYCM will gladly reward new customers with a 10% deposit bonus capped at $5000, which means that you’ll have to deposit the hefty amount of $50,000 to get the maximum bonus

However, you have to trade 30 standard lots to get just $1000 in bonus funds.


Tickmill offers new customers a $30 no deposit bonus, risk-free, but only if your new account is verified. However, and sympathetically, Tickmill allows you to withdraw any profits made from your $30 welcome gift.


Just like Tickmill, TemplerFX will also give you nonchalantly $30 with no deposit needed, which, again, means risk-free. But, in addition to having to verify your identity, you will also need to trade at least 5 standard lots to withdraw the bonus and other profits.


If you’re actually interested in entering the trading business and making some money, the options above are the best you can find, since you’ll get money right off the bat that you can use for trading purposes. However, by the end of the list, you’ve surely gathered that these bonuses won’t be instantly withdrawable, they serve as, again, motivators that, luckily, will get you trading, which I’m going to assume it was your primary objective, so happy ending!

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