Best Forex Bonuses for Traders 2021

Best Forex Bonuses for Traders 2021

For some, Forex bonuses are considered a rarity. This is mainly because not all countries are open to such features – for good reason, as usually they are nothing more than marketing strategies or scams.

However, there’s a number of brokers accepting US clients that come with diverse and, most importantly, quite attractive bonuses. While such features are meant to make people trade using a new broker, they can still be used as starting capital in their new endeavor. In short, bonuses are not to be underestimated!

Let’s take a closer look at the best Forex bonuses for traders in 2021!


This particular broker comes with the possibility of earning up to a $5 bonus on every single trade that you make. On top of that, its minimum deposit is only $10, meaning that you don’t have to put down a large investment to enjoy the bonus.

Naturally, the broker is trusted and features a competitive pricing environment.


This is a new broker – launched on the 1st of December, 2020 – that gives a 50% deposit bonus. According to their terms and conditions, the bonus can go as high as $5,000 in credit.

Obviously, this bonus is a part of their promotion strategy. Nevertheless, it is still welcome, especially because it gives new and experienced traders alike the option to start trading with an increased trading power.

IFC Markets

Our next broker that can’t be ignored is IFC Markets. It offers up to a 30% welcome bonus, based on the first deposit. The only downside is that the minimum amount you have to deposit is $1,000.

However, given the reputation of this particular broker, the 30% bonus is more than just guaranteed. On top of that, the multitude of available assets and the competitive spreads make trading with this broker a pleasure.

Fineco Bank

This broker doesn’t come with a sum or a percentage as bonus; instead, it offers any new traders 50 trades for free. Obviously, due to terms and regulations, those trades are time-limited and expire after two months.

When it comes to the broker itself, it is one of the leading online EU brokers.


The next broker features a multi-level bonus system. Overall, new traders on their platform can get as much as $5,000 in trading-only bonus. How does it work?

Well, your first deposits can be accompanied by a 50% bonus – up to $500 -, and then by a 20% bonus on each following deposit, until the cap is reached. Naturally, this is yet another reputed broker with a lot of experience.

The Bottom Line

Of course, these weren’t all of the advantages and bonuses available out there – but they were the most popular and convenient ones available. If you didn’t find one to your liking here and want to search for bonuses on your own, keep in mind to make sure that the broker who offers a certain bonus is reputed, trusted, and comes with a decent amount of experience in the Forex trading market.

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