Which Online Casino Games Will be Popular, in 2022?

With 2022 coming, many are wondering what the online casino industry will have in store for us next year. Will new, innovative online casino games arrive? What genres of games will be the most popular?

If you’re someone who loves to gamble, then finding out that new games are being added may encourage you to play at one of the many online casinos. If you’re someone who’s new to the industry, then knowing all of this information will give you some insight into what games are offered and how they work.

So, here is my list of which online casino game genres will be popular in 2022!

Let’s start with something that everyone knows about:


Slots will most likely still be the top revenue generator for online casinos in 2022. This makes sense, as they are the best option if you want to gamble quickly and with ease. The three most popular types of slots games include:

  1. Classic Slots
  2. Progressive Slots
  3. Video Slots
  • Classic Slot games offer a single pay line with a one coin per line bet.
  • Progressive Slots offer a shared, random jackpot that grows with every bet placed.
  • Video Slot games are the most popular type of slots in casinos today and include video clips and interactive mini-games.

Slot machine manufacturers will continue to release new designs of these three types of slots, to keep things fresh and exciting.

Next up, we have game genres that are similar to slots but involve more strategy:

Classic Blackjack Progressive Black Jack Baccarat  

Classic Blackjack still offers a good payout for players, but with a bit more of a learning curve than slots. This is due to the fact there are more options, such as doubling down or splitting.

Progressive Blackjack games offer a shared jackpot, similar to Progressive Slots. This means that with every bet placed, the payout for this game increases. Lastly is Baccarat, which is popular in Asia and slowly becoming a more common offering online.

Gaming developers will continue to release new versions of these games as well as new versions of slots. You can take advantage of the bet365 bonus code to explore the various games in the industry.

We now move to  game genres that are similar to Blackjack, but require even more strategy:

Roulette Craps Poker  

Roulette is another familiar game, with a similar payout ratio to blackjack. It’s great for beginners and usually has low minimum bets.

Craps is a dice game where the payout ratio depends on the bet made. It has very high minimum bets compared to other games, but can also allow for massive payouts if you get lucky.

Poker tournaments are becoming more common in online casinos, with the new PokerStars casino being one of them. Unfortunately, poker is still a game where luck plays a large role in the outcome, but it is still great to watch and participate in.

Lastly, we have  game genres that are either new or becoming more popular:

Pachinko Slot Machines Dice Slots Video Poker  

Pachinko is a Japanese style pinball machine with no monetary payout. Instead, you win prizes such as toys and candy. This is great for kids to play and doesn’t require much strategy or skill.

Slot machines with a Pachinko theme are becoming more popular in online casinos and will likely continue to do so in 2022.

Dice Slots offer players the chance to gamble their winnings by rolling the dice and hoping for a high number.

Video Poker is a great way to play poker without having to pay rake. Video Poker games usually offer better payout ratios than regular poker and allow you to play less hands in order to win more money.

As you can see, the online casino industry is ever-evolving. And with the introduction of VR headsets, it has become even more exciting.

How to Win Online Casino Games?

So, now that you have seen all of the online casino game genres that will be popular in 2022, what are the best ways to win at each of them? Most casino games offer better odds for the house than other options available. This is due to many factors including:

House edge – The amount deducted from every bet placed by the casino. Odds – The chance of winning a bet based on the probability of a win.

Roulette typically has a house edge of 2.7%, whereas blackjack is around 0.5%.

The odds for roulette depend on where the ball lands once it drops from the wheel, whereas with slots it depends on what symbols you receive.

However, it is always possible to win at online casino games. It just depends on how much you are willing to bet and what strategies you employ.

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