Best Bonus on Forex

Best Bonus on Forex

If you wouldn’t have to think about money, what would you think about, instead? That’s a harsh question, right? They say money can’t buy you happiness, but it definitely buys you time. And, with spare time, you do the things you love. Thus, maybe they’ve been wrong, and, after all, money does buy you happiness. So, the next question is: how to make good money, easily?

Traders all around the globe found a market that attracts both beginners and experienced people on the matter. It is called Forex and it trades $5 trillion a day. If you’re thinking about making a profit off it, stick around. I’ll tell you all you need to know about the Forex Market and the best bonuses that are currently available. Let’s go!

What Is the Forex Market?

First things first. The Forex Market is one of the trading markets out there, waiting for your strategy. Basically, it deals with foreign exchange, with the main goal being to earn a turnover from the changes that occur in the value of different currencies.

Years ago, traders had a broker’s help to get instructions on how to invest their money. Thankfully, nowadays, you can simply choose a trading platform, on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet, and get into the business. Most of those platforms give you a bonus, from money, to gadgets, to even cars. Get to know some of those bonuses, right now!

An AUDI A3, in Cabana Capital

All clients of Cabana Capital are eligible to win prizes and you can submit your registration by the 21st of May 2021. Start depositing $250 and register for as many rounds as you want (there are 12 in total). Each month, you can win a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, an iPad Pro 11 inch, an Apple Watch 5 series, and a Fossil Smart Watch. The grand final prizes are a Honda City (3rd place), an MG Hector (2nd place), and an AUDI A3 (1st place). Can you imagine driving around in one of these beauties?

650% Tradable Bonus, by Joining Capital Street Forex

This is your opportunity to get in the trading market, big style way. Make a deposit of at least $1.000, until the end of the year and gain up to a $130.000 bonus. A tradable bonus gives you extra safety in case of draw-down, behaving as an additional margin. This bonus from Capital Street Forex is only for trading purposes.

$2.000 Startup Bonus, from InstaForex

If you’re a new client of InstaForex, testing the market for the first time, grab the chance to start trading, without making any deposit. With no risks, you receive the bonus once you demand it. Then, the money is automatically available for trading operations.

$250K to Buy a House, with LiteForex

Yeah, you read it! A house! A house anywhere in the world, at your choice. LiteForex is running a dream draw, made of four stages. You still can participate in three of them: November 2nd, 2020, February 1st, 2021, and May 3rd, 2021. Make a deposit of $500 or more to win a lucky participant number. Then, trade at least 10 lots after deposit and, if any of your numbers get to be chosen, travel to Dubai, where you can claim your prize at a gala dinner.

1 kg Golden Bar, from NBH MARKETS

Gold, the equivalent in cash or a BM5 5 series. The prize is up to your choice. Get in the contest until December 31st, 2020, and be awarded in January, 2021. Here is how it goes: for every 20 lots traded, earn a coupon. The winning number is the last digit of the bid quotes for EURUSD, GBPUSD, XAUUSD, and XAGUSD.

When Can I Start Trading?

Run for the prizes, young trader, run! The Forex Market is open from Monday to Friday, 24 hours a day, starting in Australia until it reaches the USA. Also known as FX, it became the biggest market in the world. But where does its high liquidity come from? High supply and a huge demand rate get together to give you the answer you need. Join the most popular trading market today, and keep making it grow, as you buy happiness – or earn it already in the shape of a product!

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